My Favourite Things To Do in Auckland

Every summer I spend a week or two in Auckland usually because of Laneway but also to attend some pretty wicked concerts. This time around I didn’t get to see any international acts live but so a lot of local live music for FREE! I’m really lucky to have a really great set of friends up there that make my stay always memorable and lovely.

Here are how my top 3 days in Auckland went via photos. (all photos taken on my old iphone sorry for bad quality)

26th January

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27th January

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28th January

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It was so strange this time around thinking that Auckland potentially could become my home by the end of the year.

Reader question today.

  1. What are your opinions on Auckland? Do you live there? Have you visited it before?

I’m really interested as a lot of people talk slack about it. But i generally do enjoy the time I spend there.

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Above the Clouds and Thinking Backward

Often my mind sits still with the underlying beauty of watching the sunset or rise whilst above the clouds. My mind overdrives in reflection draining my eyelids of tears. It’s hard to make a distanced travel to a place you have left so many memories in the past. The fading of friendships and undefined circumstances of a matured set of meetings. I miss many people i’ve left in 2016.  I miss many people who left without my wanting too. Looking outside to the colour brings back the joy and thought of things being better. Things are better and have been but I can’t help but have the feel of wanting more. Not materialistically but in human connection with another. Don’t get me wrong i’m fine travelling alone, spending time alone and just generally the comfort of just being surrounded by strangers. But more than often a time will come where for some reason my thoughts get to me and I burst a little into a small ball of emotion.


Loss doesn’t help the backwards looking of trying to define a reason as to why you could feel a certain feeling at one time but not another. Why is it now that the world triggers me into a downward journey. Yet when I exit the plane I am back to being good with the circumstances that are around me.



Whether it be a song, a colour or time of the day the remembering of a time, place or feeling can bring back strong gusts of unneeded emotion. I think what always gets me being up in the air is that you’re on such a different level and you can look down on what you were in a sort of strange reflective manner. Looking down I could see a version of myself i’ve never really looked back on and can watch the motions as events occur.

I like flying for the most of it, but sometimes it can be a bit much at the end of a long day of waiting for the journey.

These were a few thoughts from a flight I took a few weeks ago to the North Island.

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Throwback to Moving Cities & Starting University


When I was 17 years old I got accepted into the University of Canterbury. This in itself was a cry worthy moment and my excitement really began there. My excitement easily overruled nerves leading up to the move date in February 2014. I was packing up my life and moving from Wellington to Christchurch. Lucky for me I have a super nice Dad who drove me all the way there. So we hopped on the Picton Ferry and road tripped all the way to Rochester and Rutherford Hall in Christchurch. I remember it hitting me when I arrived the fact that I was away, I knew nobody in the hall and how big a change it really was.

The matter of the fact is, you’re not alone in this feeling. For mostly everyone in the hall everything was new. The people and the place were so out of the way but it was just time to embrace new. I remember initially being so shy and feeling so different from everyone around me. Phoning home crying saying it wasn’t for me but i’d try for another week.


I think if I were to give tips to my younger self it would be this

  1. Pack lighter haha don’t bring everything you own.
  2. (this is something i did do) If you were always known as something in your old town and you didn’t like it then be the type of person you’ve always wanted to be in this new area. Nobody knew me at the hall and I had the opportunity to not be prejudged by situations from the past or anything it was great. (I hid my fangirlness for basically the whole year haha).
  3. If anything the best thing to do when you change areas is throw yourself into everything. Aka go to clubs day and sign up for everything and anything that you pay interest too. I think I signed up to about 20 clubs on clubs day (a bit of an over kill). But i’d say that is what kept me sane. Being able to have a choir that I attended or an Arts Club to go to events to was super fun. Being an active member in University culture is awesome.
  4.  Stand up for what you believe in. This is also something I did really well and i’m really proud of myself. I was 17 when I started University meaning most R18 events were off ground for me for about 3 or 4 months. I never allowed alcohol to be apart of my year in a major way. I put my foot down and concentrated on all the things that were important to me.
  5. Sign up to the Health Centre on the first day, make use of the Recreational Centre and learn your campus. I remember being so overwhelmed with where everything was but after awhile once you circle the campus and go to lectures on different ends of the are you’ll get to know it well.
  6. Remember academic help is there and shouldn’t be frowned upon. The initial move from High school level work to University work can be a bit of a shock. This being said, don’t be scared to ask for help. I honestly should’ve gotten help in the first few weeks before even beginning my first essay for Media. In my degree all my subjects were subjects I had never taken before and were super new. So when I received my first essay back from Media and it was a D I was immediately thrown back into not feeling good enough. Never fear if this happens, honestly the University of Canterbury set me up with so much academic help that I never failed again. I also learnt there’s nothing wrong with failing because it helps you learn more. Honestly though at the time I told everyone that I was the biggest failure and i’d never make it. Now i’m third year and have 4 papers left of my degree woo!

It’s hard looking back at first year because I remember at the time I hated most of it but the good moments really made it worth it. Starting something new is never easy but allowing yourself a positive headspace (even if you have to fool yourself into it) is the best way to start. Pushing yourself into talking to people in your first lectures will help you so much in the future and signing up for a club will put your foot through the door for new friendships. If you put the effort into making friendships in the first weeks it will make it so much easier for the beginning of the year. Don’t feel pressured though, do everything at your own pace but this is just advice.


If you’re worried about a new city or town being overwhelming cite out relaxing spots you can hang out in your area. Get to know your local cafes or takeaways, local parks and keep an eye out on eventfinda to see what’s happening nearby! If it’s not going to cause you harm then say yes to things that maybe you would’ve said no to in high school. Your first year is just a time of figuring out what is you and what isn’t. Trying new things and testing new waters is awesome and it’s such a great time too because everyone else is too!

If you need further help email your student services or Facebook message clubs or whatever communication you can. Honestly it’s going to be great for you! I wish you the best.

If you’re starting University this year comment below with any questions or thoughts. For those of you who have already done your first year comment your best memories or tips for others! If you’ve never been to University and it’s something your’e interested in knowing about comment below too! Remember University isn’t for everyone but it is a wicked experience that’ll bring you closer to so much diversity.

Thanks for reading!

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Saying Goodbye For The Last Time

When I was 16 years old I went to my first funeral. It was my mum’s and I wrote these words and said them to an overwhelmingly large amount of people to celebrate her life.

4 years on i’m still struggling and won’t ever move on. But here are the words to let you know that each day was worth the time I got to spend with her.


Standing here for me right now is hard, not just because it’s my mother’s funeral. But for Mom and I we have always had a problem with crowds. It’s kind of like the little thing that only we understood. Although growing up I didn’t understand her constant shaking and nerves around large amounts of people. I’ve come to understand how she use to feel and how she would stay strong through situations such as school subject choice meetings and social events. I’ve even had my own struggles with crowds. Constantly getting stage fright or nerves before presenting anything to anyone even if it is just in front of a few people I know. But standing here right now, I can say she’s with me and has given me the strength to stand here and speak.
This is a celebration, a celebration of memories and a celebration of my mom’s life.
When I think of my mom I think of bright bursts of life. A powerful woman, who knew how to strut the right colours on the right day, She knew where to shop and there is no doubt she knew where the bargains were. Growing up thrift shopping and bargain hunting with mom is something I will never forget, going through bargain bins and having to follow her every move to make sure there’s no discount that we’d miss. Is definitely something I’ll carry on doing throughout my life and I know especially her friends will always think of her whilst shopping in Millers or Ballentines.
She was the sunlight on a clouded day. The friend who was there, when no one else was. My rock, the one person I knew I could count on no matter what. Although I only knew her for 16 years which may or may not be longer then how long you’ve known her. Each day has felt like a thousand blessings. And I think as people, we never really realise this until something drastic like getting cancer happens to someone so dearly close to you.
I think everybody agrees that even right now being here. Mom is looking over us and hoping everyone is okay. She was and always will be the one who’d unconditionally love you no matter what.
Throughout moms battle with cancer I admit my relationship with her grew stronger as I realised that any day could be her last. We started talking about things that we’d never talked about before and my whole world was brighter as I realised even though she was the one who was ill, a smile would still constantly be on her face, as she was grateful to be alive. She lived everyday with or without cancer like it was her last. My mom would never let a day waste. Even when she shouldn’t have been going out and seeing people/ friends she’d push the boundaries to see them. Her high amount of energy is what kept her strong for such an amazingly long amount of time and seeing her be so strong for so long is what has inspired me to live my life with as much enthusiasm as she did.
Throughout her journey with cancer I’ve grown closer to my family and especially to her friends. She’s helped me realise the importance of people in our lives. I used to always think it would be better to keep more to myself, but through my mom I’ve found out being kind to strangers and accepting everyone is the way to go. Because you never know what path they’ll lead you in.
Something I know I’ll always miss about my mom is her enthusiasm and recognition for things which a lot of people didn’t see. Like once when I came home and I told her I got a merit in a test and she was so proud of me even though she knew it wasn’t the best grade. My mom held her pride for my brother and I, my dad, family and friends close to her heart and always recognised everything big and small and saw a need to celebrate. But most of all she understood my abilities and trusted my decisions. She would do anything she could to try make my dreams come true. My Mum believed in me through times when I couldn’t even believe in myself. She nurtured me and brought me up, to be the person I stand here today as and because of my Mom I’ve learnt to be proud to be that person.
I think the best memories I hold close to my heart of my mom are the really personal ones. Like when I actually got to be one on one with her and just talk. An example of this is when I first saw her in the hospice. I would just cry, cry, and cry wondering why this had happened to such a beautiful person. Sitting next to her trying to be strong but seeing her slowly fade away slowly breaking me inside.
I remember Dad telling me that it was one of her bad days today and she wouldn’t speak much because she was restless and her eyes would just keep closing. But through all of that I ended up having a whole conversation with her as I watched her battle against her tiredness to talk to me, her own daughter.
Mom as the caring person she was looked at me with both eyes open, held my hand and told me to be strong and not to worry because everything would be okay. She knew that this would be one of the last conversations we would share together and I knew it too but we both accepted this and still treated it as one of the happiest moments in our lives. A mother and daughter sitting side by side helping each other through the hardest battle we’d ever been through.
In that moment I knew I had to be strong, I had to help her fight and be that person to carry on what she was. Be the strength to people, help them and guide them just like my mom would do and it’s definitely something I inspire to do throughout the rest of my life. Be just as inspiring as my mom was.
I will always be proud to have been her daughter and to always continue to be her daughter. Not only will her looks stay with me forever, but our memories together and her bubbly, caring personality will always live within me.

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Laneway 2017 Overview

(Firstly I apologise for the whole 7 days late thing opps & secondly my photos were taken on my low quality iphone 5 so I apologise for that. I’m in the midst of getting a new camera.)

With a new venue in Albert Park and an exciting line up there was no doubt I was excited for what Laneway 2017 had in stall for all.


My morning began pretty amazingly to be honest. A friend of mine had won a meet and greet with Aurora a beautiful singer from Norway who was literally a beautiful pixie (lucky for me I was taken along to meet her too). She was pure Tinkerbell meets human and I was so nice to have met her at a nearby location before attending the festival. It’s crazy thinking she’s a few weeks younger then me as well because she is just the sweetest person and later her onstage performance was so incredible. Before seeing her live I don’t think i’d ever seen a singer so alive in her music, bringing all her lyrics to life.


Despite many technical difficulties through out the day (Aurora was on about 30 minutes late because of sound difficulties) the day was pretty good. I was truly grateful for the Pump tent and set up with free water + chargers who literally made my day with my old phone.

This year was my third year at the festival and although I do miss Silo Park and initially was quite against having it in a park it was actually quite a pleasant and convenient venue. Not going to lie it was a very hot day and I definitely didn’t hydrate myself enough. Besides that though everything was pretty good. I would say moving forward that they should move everything around and put the food not in the middle of the festival between the entrance and main stage but that’s an easy change.

Obviously the main reason I was there was for the music and there were some incredible local and international acts. Here are some of my favourites.


NZ act Fazerdaze were the best start to the day. My personal favourite of the band being the drummer who wore the cutest overalls and generally was just a sweet dude to watch. You could tell they were generally stoked to be there and it was nice to watch musicians so gracious to be where they were.


Although i’m not sure Yukon Era are my genre of choice, but they rocked out their set and I couldn’t help laugh at their cute between song banter. Not gonna lie they easily got the best set up between the trees and I loved the front man’s style and voice. Apparently the  youngest act and local too they’re probably one to keep a look out on!


Easily the NZ act i’ve been most hyped about since I saw them live was Fortunes. Firstly the singer his voice ahhhh literally a Sam Smith soul sound. Honestly I cannot talk more highly about them. Go check them out instantly if you like party ballads and general great to listen to music. I can’t help but say before I knew who they were I saw them outside the venue having a super funny conversation and it was pure greatness. Not to mention their Justin Bieber song was easily a highlight. Watching mega indie hipster men sing some of biebs lyrics in the crowd, so funny and unforgettable.

Hi, okay give me a moment. These guys are literally the reason I wanted to go to Laneway this year. Boy did they pull through on impressing me. They literally put their entire soul and energy into their set and it was everything I wanted and more. A great mix of their first album to their newest, I fell for all members by the end of it (not even kidding). The mosh was crazy but worthwhile and I wish every day of my life could be like watching Glass Animals live. Oh my, I just realised that was the first time I mentioned who they are. Yes, Glass Animals go see them live if you ever get the opportunity because they are weird in all the best ways.

Big shout out to my staple food for the festival. Moustache Cookies! The one in the photo is a Snickers one and I got a Black forest one which was equally as delicious. This was the only place that hardly had a line the entire time so I kind of stuck to it. I think that was one of my problems with the food places they were like x10 busier then I ever remember them getting in the other 2 years. Probably why I almost passed out of exhaustion by the time it got dark.

Sadly I had to leave a half hour so I could catch the last train home so I only saw two songs of Tame Impala but wow wow was pretty darn nice to my ears.

All in all it was a great time I bumped into like every person I knew going (probably because of how intimate around the stages it was).

I’m mega excited for next years line up to come out later this year and hope it goes forward as great as this years did.

(I honestly missed out on so many acts and stuff that happened but I think that I covered the basics of it well and hope you feel interested in Laneway a little bit more now!)

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I Can’t Sleep

The title explains my current situation. Alongside the 25 degree temperature and my continuous buzz from that massive walk I went on today. Add high winds and you’ve got the ingredients to a very awake mind.

Today is now Tuesday, only 14 minutes in at this point of writing. I just had the greatest of chats to my flatmate and I feel pretty alright with myself for this time in the morning.

I’ve fallen for music over and over again. But this song I found recently has got me so wound up with emotion and I literally have to share it with all of you blog readers.

img_7743Ignore the 7% battery haha it was from the end of my very long walk yesterday. But honestly take a listen to it. Pure beauty and simplicity but wonderful. If anything in life I wanna own a piano, I don’t really have a permanent space yet that I could have one so i’m holding out but so excited.


Another thing I feel like talking about is the sky and clouds. I have this weird connective emotive position on looking at the sunrise and sunset. This was the sunrise of yesterday morning and I couldn’t stop looking at it. The colours and shades and placements in the sky was too much for me to want to look away. I’m so lucky for a front row window spot to this delight in the mornings and evenings.



Yes that’s right, vintage film cameras. I am back and rolling on my old obsession with them. So I just kind of bid and put on watch list like 20 cameras opps. Also purchased this cute one for $10 which is so good. I’m hoping she’ll work and I can get film rolling through her. If not just to collect vintage pieces of other peoples memories is a sweet treat. I love her look and i’m excited to get her placed up against my poloroid.

This is such a random post and probably unneeded but I wanted to write in this early hour and update you on how I am very awake.

How do you cope with hot evenings and an awake mind?

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Pushing My Own Boundaries


‘walked about 18k today to try push past the pain of yesterday’s migraine’

Good evening fellow friends and blog readers. Well, today was something. I pushed myself so so so much more then I would’ve thought I could. This morning I was just done with sitting at home feeling sorry for myself so I decided to go for a walk. I said to my flatmates i’m going to walk to the city. I’ll explain to you right now that this walk was about 3 hours return ( a very long way). But heck was it worth it! The smiles I got a long the way from strangers, to the walk amongst the trees of Hagley park was so worth how tired I feel right now.

Walking is the one thing I can lean on, alongside putting my headphones over my ears and blocking out the many over thought things in my head. I love it, I brought a bike about a year ago and I haven’t used it because I simply just love walking more.

I must tell you all a slight thing. It was 28 degrees today which is pretty warm for Christchurch so of course along my journey I made some stops.


Stop # 1 was to the local bagel shop to get my favourite vegetarian filled bagel. It’s bad for me I know, but it tastes so good and I haven’t gotten one since early 2016. Not gonna lie it was so good and I do not regret haha.

Stop #2 was a non needed to tell you bathroom stop but it was a nice excuse to walk fully through the botanical gardens in my favourite park (Hagley Park). I swear I could walk through that park every day of my life and never get sick of it. It’s so beautiful and you can tell everyone whose in it just enjoys its existance.

Stop #3 Re:Start Mall. I could not help but have a look at the new Trade Aid shop where I brought my favourite fair trade soap for $3. Shout out to the Shop Assistant who was super friendly and nice and made me feel so happy to have walked so far just to buy a bar of soap haha. Next door to this is the Cosmic store which had big ‘SALE’ signs that lured me into it so quickly opps. I didn’t end up buying anything because I swear I own more clothes then I ever have and I didn’t really fall in love with any item which is fine.

My favourite part though was the pianist busking with his keyboard. An older man who i’d seen before at bush inn (usually with his dog). I’m not sure whether he is fully blind or not but how he plays the piano is incredible and so beautiful. Every time I see him he makes me cry, he shows such great passion towards his love for music and it is purely the nicest thing to see and listen too. After walking past him I heard Coldplay start playing from a shop and had to power walk fast to not burst into tears haha.

Stop #4 Bubble Tea of course. But for some reason the sweetness against my teeth didn’t feel right. It kind of made me feel good that I was growing out of something by taste but also a little sad. Does anyone else feel like one day you love a food or drink and the next you don’t? Either way I drank it all reflecting on the very far distance of walking home.

Those were my stops really along the way. I thought a lot (as 4 hours away from home tends to do when you’re alone). I did cheat and used the internet via data and texted but it was a nice escape from my usual.

I think if anything it was nice to surprise myself. I find so often my friends, role models and everything around me surprises me everyday. My life might be quite the same day by day but looking at the people around me theres never is. It’s awesome and exciting and makes me want to push myself forward more and more every day.

(Just as an end point all bracketed and stuff. But I was stuck in the house all day yesterday with the worst migraine of my life. Honestly I was crying to my flatmate that the pain was so bad. That is the true reason I felt a need to change the doings of today. Some days you don’t get to control what your body feels like or your mind does. So it is extra important to take control when you do feel well enough too!)


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Being the Paper Girl for a Day

Recently I signed up to do my local paper round. It was quite the journey yesterday when the papers arrived at like 9:30am. Not gonna lie I didn’t cope very well with folding and delivering about 235 papers. Big shoutout to those people who did it for more than a one off.

Here’s a little path of photos to explain how the day went.


Firstly you had to fold the papers which took about 40 minutes and bag them. Then map your journey to make it easier for yourself. Make sure you take your jacket and wear your comfiest of shoes. Personally I think the playlist you make for your time delivering papers is very important and will help push you in the last few houses so go hard on that.


This is route two that I had to do & all the newspapers nicely folded by my helpful flatmate and put into enviro bags for the most convenient of use.


One of the most rewarding parts of it was making local pet friends. This is a very sweet cat who literally walked with me down the road.  A great new friend that I loved meeting. Along the way I also meet the cutest dog and quite a few friendly neighbours so that was a neat opportunity to actually talk to people who I live near.


Another great joy of le paper run is that the fresh ink printed comes off on your hands and you have to wash them like 6 times. To be honest they are still tinged black but that’s alright.

All in all it was quite the experience! I do wonder how children do this when they are younger but I guess one has more energy and help to do it.

Unfortunately due to the amount of time it takes to do the rounds and my bad circulated fingers I will not be continuing the paper round. But I have a new found insight on those who have to deliver papers or letters. You deserve a raise my friend!


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Switching Perspectives Whilst Watching The Sunset.

There’s no doubt that ending your day with a beautiful sunset is settling to the soul. Whether it’s been a good or bad day just the seeing of something colourful and wonderful above gives off the vibes that life could and will be better some day. Often it’s hard to look forward to better days but with the recent reoccurrence of natures beauty i’m feeling a little more reassured that the future is worth living.

With the ongoing mayhem of politics and media’s portrayal of creating greater fear of the upper power it is a little bit too easy to feel down about this world we live in. But hey, we still have trees and people are protesting for hours for beliefs that are worth believing and standing up for those who have been discounted and discriminated.

My whole concept of switching perspectives generally sits upon the matter that you can’t really be angry whilst watching a sunset. It’s as if the sky’s colouring can break through any mood to form a greater light of positivity to our minds. Well that’s how I feel about it anyway. Sunsets are incredible and the fact we so often get a front row seat to it free of charge is something we should cherish on earth. I feel more than often we talk about how beautiful sunsets are and take photos of them but we don’t really appreciate further what’s so great about them.


A sunset marks the ending of the day and with that also I enjoy reflecting upon things. It gives me a set time of the day to really think over the past day of hours and happenings. Not only do we have a set moment each day for this but we’re graced with a perfect amount of time to reflect. Unlike most things in life, it doesn’t tend to go fast. The slow setting of the sun allows us to bathe in the changing glow of it’s light. If there’s anything you can rely upon every day it is that the sun will set. At least for me I feel that, whether it is metaphorically or physically the ending of a day can bring so much joy and emotion.

When a day ends we are given the greatest gift from above. From those who left us they are showing us into the light that on earth we get to live with constantly yet hardly realise the beauty of our world resting right beside us.









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A Head Shave To Remember Her. 4 Years Since My Mum Passed Away from Cancer.

It’s the evening of the 31st and it’s strange sitting and actually reflecting on what position I was in 4 years ago. I was just 16 years old and I knew the time was coming. She was diagnosed when i was around 14 years old and her fight was in no way an easy one. The Hospice had become her home since early January 2013 and I remember visiting daily or as much as I could. Telling her about my audition for the X Factor, holding her hand and just talking to her.


The tears fall as I reflect upon her last week alive, as she got weaker and I watched the lady who I looked up too as my strength fade.

My brain kind of tries to numb this all away. As if one day she is just going to walk through a door and  be back from one of her great adventures overseas. Sometimes I double take at a person in the supermarket or mall because they look so similar to how I imagine what she’d look like now. These are a few things they never told me at age 16, the realities of what would happen to me after losing her. But these are just things i’ve learnt to live with and I will probably live with for awhile.

When you’re young and you lose one of the closest people you know it’s too much for you to try and process it. It’s also too hard for most people around you to process (Trust me, being around a bunch of teenagers who don’t know how to deal with death is an awkward time haha). You start to think about what amount of time you suppose to be sad and become worried that you’re not mourning properly. But in all honesty, time doesn’t heal anything and people are right, there isn’t a right amount of time to deal with loss. I honestly think that from the morning I was awoken to be told she’d passed, to my last day of year 13 (2013) my mind was so lost in it that I thought it wasn’t real. There was no time to process and I didn’t allow myself to put my energy into really feeling sorry for myself. I had many moments where I would just cry suddenly or need time alone but in general I was alright.


The two bricks that are in Lower Hutt in remembrance of her. 

I also genuinely  don’t believe that I will ever accept that she’s gone. A little part inside of me still believes that she’s around somewhere. Death is such a strange thing to try and process. That one day someone can be around and the next not.

Either way, i’m shaving my head to remember her. It’s kind of a strange thing to do, but it’s kind of one of the last things I can think to do. She always told me to never do it and I know if she was around she’d never allow it to happen haha. Maybe this is the teenage rebellion coming through that I never fully got to experience (alongside the group of tattoos i’ve collected over the years).


The reason why i’m doing it for Canteen and not Cancer Society is because Canteen have given me the biggest amount of help since I was told they had an offspring group. They are so caring and have brought me together with some truly awesome people. I’m grateful for them because they’ve given me a lot of professional help that i’ve needed but have always denied in the past. By going to their group hang outs and getting to openly talk about Cancer and how i’m coping it’s helped me in moving forward and reminded me that i’m not alone.

The most important thing in life i’ve learnt, is to not let yourself cope with things alone. So many people are there to help you with any issue.  This in turn does not mean it is easy to reach out for the help. I always thought I was better and independent enough to be fine alone. I wasn’t and I’m so happy to have people who are helping me and there when I need professional help.

I’ve also learnt that a lot more people have a lot more happening in their life then you’d ever notice. It’s not uncool to show emotion and to cry. I feel a lot of my friends have had to learn that I do cry and I have become a sensitive soul, but that’s alright.


Um, so yes. That’s kind of why I am hyped for my 21st birthday (23rd of May) . I’m hyped because I get to make a big change to myself and it all goes to a wicked charity that have helped me and so many others a lot.

Feel free to Donate via the link below!!

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