Unexpected Bad News

I didn’t really think today would go this badly. I mean it could be worst. But this year for me my focus is acing university. I have 4 papers left of my studies at the University of Canterbury. Studying over the past few years has become my comfort and focus and i’ve enjoyed it (even the amount of sleepless nights i’ve stressed over assignments). But today I got a nightmare(ish) email saying one of my main media papers has been cancelled.

I’m not one to usually be dramatic about a situation. But today has just been too much for my little mind. I think it probably fits with the fact i’ve already had enrolment problems with the anthropology department. Those problems were out of their hands though and I feel so in the dark about why this paper was cancelled (i’m sure there’s good reason why). The thing is i’m struggling to find peace with the fact i’m now not in control of my future suddenly. I get that life throws speed balls and unexpected things happened but I just didn’t think it would in this circumstance and I don’t really know where to think forward. I’ve gone through all the possible options and they’re not really that great. I guess we’ll see what wednesday morning’s meeting will lead to.

Question for you all. How do you cope with unexpected bad news? What’s the best way to move forward and think positively about the future?



About writingforart

20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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One Response to Unexpected Bad News

  1. SheryL♥ says:

    I always believe that there’s a reason for everything. In times like that, I just keep the faith and keep going. 🙂

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