Laneway 2017 Overview

(Firstly I apologise for the whole 7 days late thing opps & secondly my photos were taken on my low quality iphone 5 so I apologise for that. I’m in the midst of getting a new camera.)

With a new venue in Albert Park and an exciting line up there was no doubt I was excited for what Laneway 2017 had in stall for all.


My morning began pretty amazingly to be honest. A friend of mine had won a meet and greet with Aurora a beautiful singer from Norway who was literally a beautiful pixie (lucky for me I was taken along to meet her too). She was pure Tinkerbell meets human and I was so nice to have met her at a nearby location before attending the festival. It’s crazy thinking she’s a few weeks younger then me as well because she is just the sweetest person and later her onstage performance was so incredible. Before seeing her live I don’t think i’d ever seen a singer so alive in her music, bringing all her lyrics to life.


Despite many technical difficulties through out the day (Aurora was on about 30 minutes late because of sound difficulties) the day was pretty good. I was truly grateful for the Pump tent and set up with free water + chargers who literally made my day with my old phone.

This year was my third year at the festival and although I do miss Silo Park and initially was quite against having it in a park it was actually quite a pleasant and convenient venue. Not going to lie it was a very hot day and I definitely didn’t hydrate myself enough. Besides that though everything was pretty good. I would say moving forward that they should move everything around and put the food not in the middle of the festival between the entrance and main stage but that’s an easy change.

Obviously the main reason I was there was for the music and there were some incredible local and international acts. Here are some of my favourites.


NZ act Fazerdaze were the best start to the day. My personal favourite of the band being the drummer who wore the cutest overalls and generally was just a sweet dude to watch. You could tell they were generally stoked to be there and it was nice to watch musicians so gracious to be where they were.


Although i’m not sure Yukon Era are my genre of choice, but they rocked out their set and I couldn’t help laugh at their cute between song banter. Not gonna lie they easily got the best set up between the trees and I loved the front man’s style and voice. Apparently the  youngest act and local too they’re probably one to keep a look out on!


Easily the NZ act i’ve been most hyped about since I saw them live was Fortunes. Firstly the singer his voice ahhhh literally a Sam Smith soul sound. Honestly I cannot talk more highly about them. Go check them out instantly if you like party ballads and general great to listen to music. I can’t help but say before I knew who they were I saw them outside the venue having a super funny conversation and it was pure greatness. Not to mention their Justin Bieber song was easily a highlight. Watching mega indie hipster men sing some of biebs lyrics in the crowd, so funny and unforgettable.

Hi, okay give me a moment. These guys are literally the reason I wanted to go to Laneway this year. Boy did they pull through on impressing me. They literally put their entire soul and energy into their set and it was everything I wanted and more. A great mix of their first album to their newest, I fell for all members by the end of it (not even kidding). The mosh was crazy but worthwhile and I wish every day of my life could be like watching Glass Animals live. Oh my, I just realised that was the first time I mentioned who they are. Yes, Glass Animals go see them live if you ever get the opportunity because they are weird in all the best ways.

Big shout out to my staple food for the festival. Moustache Cookies! The one in the photo is a Snickers one and I got a Black forest one which was equally as delicious. This was the only place that hardly had a line the entire time so I kind of stuck to it. I think that was one of my problems with the food places they were like x10 busier then I ever remember them getting in the other 2 years. Probably why I almost passed out of exhaustion by the time it got dark.

Sadly I had to leave a half hour so I could catch the last train home so I only saw two songs of Tame Impala but wow wow was pretty darn nice to my ears.

All in all it was a great time I bumped into like every person I knew going (probably because of how intimate around the stages it was).

I’m mega excited for next years line up to come out later this year and hope it goes forward as great as this years did.

(I honestly missed out on so many acts and stuff that happened but I think that I covered the basics of it well and hope you feel interested in Laneway a little bit more now!)


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  1. I loved Laneway this year! I wasn’t sure about the location move either (I can walk to Silo Park, grumble grumble) But Albert Park was so nice, and so much SHADE! Esp loved Thunderdome stage under the trees this year watching Whitney. Glass Animals was also fab!

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