Pushing My Own Boundaries


‘walked about 18k today to try push past the pain of yesterday’s migraine’

Good evening fellow friends and blog readers. Well, today was something. I pushed myself so so so much more then I would’ve thought I could. This morning I was just done with sitting at home feeling sorry for myself so I decided to go for a walk. I said to my flatmates i’m going to walk to the city. I’ll explain to you right now that this walk was about 3 hours return ( a very long way). But heck was it worth it! The smiles I got a long the way from strangers, to the walk amongst the trees of Hagley park was so worth how tired I feel right now.

Walking is the one thing I can lean on, alongside putting my headphones over my ears and blocking out the many over thought things in my head. I love it, I brought a bike about a year ago and I haven’t used it because I simply just love walking more.

I must tell you all a slight thing. It was 28 degrees today which is pretty warm for Christchurch so of course along my journey I made some stops.


Stop # 1 was to the local bagel shop to get my favourite vegetarian filled bagel. It’s bad for me I know, but it tastes so good and I haven’t gotten one since early 2016. Not gonna lie it was so good and I do not regret haha.

Stop #2 was a non needed to tell you bathroom stop but it was a nice excuse to walk fully through the botanical gardens in my favourite park (Hagley Park). I swear I could walk through that park every day of my life and never get sick of it. It’s so beautiful and you can tell everyone whose in it just enjoys its existance.

Stop #3 Re:Start Mall. I could not help but have a look at the new Trade Aid shop where I brought my favourite fair trade soap for $3. Shout out to the Shop Assistant who was super friendly and nice and made me feel so happy to have walked so far just to buy a bar of soap haha. Next door to this is the Cosmic store which had big ‘SALE’ signs that lured me into it so quickly opps. I didn’t end up buying anything because I swear I own more clothes then I ever have and I didn’t really fall in love with any item which is fine.

My favourite part though was the pianist busking with his keyboard. An older man who i’d seen before at bush inn (usually with his dog). I’m not sure whether he is fully blind or not but how he plays the piano is incredible and so beautiful. Every time I see him he makes me cry, he shows such great passion towards his love for music and it is purely the nicest thing to see and listen too. After walking past him I heard Coldplay start playing from a shop and had to power walk fast to not burst into tears haha.

Stop #4 Bubble Tea of course. But for some reason the sweetness against my teeth didn’t feel right. It kind of made me feel good that I was growing out of something by taste but also a little sad. Does anyone else feel like one day you love a food or drink and the next you don’t? Either way I drank it all reflecting on the very far distance of walking home.

Those were my stops really along the way. I thought a lot (as 4 hours away from home tends to do when you’re alone). I did cheat and used the internet via data and texted but it was a nice escape from my usual.

I think if anything it was nice to surprise myself. I find so often my friends, role models and everything around me surprises me everyday. My life might be quite the same day by day but looking at the people around me theres never is. It’s awesome and exciting and makes me want to push myself forward more and more every day.

(Just as an end point all bracketed and stuff. But I was stuck in the house all day yesterday with the worst migraine of my life. Honestly I was crying to my flatmate that the pain was so bad. That is the true reason I felt a need to change the doings of today. Some days you don’t get to control what your body feels like or your mind does. So it is extra important to take control when you do feel well enough too!)



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20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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