Switching Perspectives Whilst Watching The Sunset.

There’s no doubt that ending your day with a beautiful sunset is settling to the soul. Whether it’s been a good or bad day just the seeing of something colourful and wonderful above gives off the vibes that life could and will be better some day. Often it’s hard to look forward to better days but with the recent reoccurrence of natures beauty i’m feeling a little more reassured that the future is worth living.

With the ongoing mayhem of politics and media’s portrayal of creating greater fear of the upper power it is a little bit too easy to feel down about this world we live in. But hey, we still have trees and people are protesting for hours for beliefs that are worth believing and standing up for those who have been discounted and discriminated.

My whole concept of switching perspectives generally sits upon the matter that you can’t really be angry whilst watching a sunset. It’s as if the sky’s colouring can break through any mood to form a greater light of positivity to our minds. Well that’s how I feel about it anyway. Sunsets are incredible and the fact we so often get a front row seat to it free of charge is something we should cherish on earth. I feel more than often we talk about how beautiful sunsets are and take photos of them but we don’t really appreciate further what’s so great about them.


A sunset marks the ending of the day and with that also I enjoy reflecting upon things. It gives me a set time of the day to really think over the past day of hours and happenings. Not only do we have a set moment each day for this but we’re graced with a perfect amount of time to reflect. Unlike most things in life, it doesn’t tend to go fast. The slow setting of the sun allows us to bathe in the changing glow of it’s light. If there’s anything you can rely upon every day it is that the sun will set. At least for me I feel that, whether it is metaphorically or physically the ending of a day can bring so much joy and emotion.

When a day ends we are given the greatest gift from above. From those who left us they are showing us into the light that on earth we get to live with constantly yet hardly realise the beauty of our world resting right beside us.










About writingforart

20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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