Appreciating Christchurch’s Walking Tracks


Maddy and I walked up this nice track I forgot where it is haha but we walked the wrong way so we got to the wrong destination . Never the less a great time it was!

Walking is great! You know what is even better then walking, the view after walking up a hill and getting to look out over the beautiful city that is Christchurch.

Growing up bush walks and track walks were a large part of our holidays and how we spent our time on camps in school. Being in New Zealand and all, the environment is such a key part of our existence (mainly because it’s literally everywhere). I think because of this and growing around great amounts of trees and grass and wildlife my passion of going on walks still exists within me. Not only is it a great time to exercise but it’s the perfect time to try let a few things go from your mind so you can keep up with your breath of going uphill at often a pace that my fitness is not ready to take on.

Either way, going on walks with friends is well up there with writing in terms of therapy for me. I do find it a lot harder to access due to not having a car but it’s nice that most of my friends love going on track walks in their free time and I love getting to do it with them.

Recently i’ve had the chance to do two different walks and I kind of want to awkwardly text both my flatmate and Maddy to ask them where we actually walked but i’m sure someone can comment below where it is haha.


On a different walk with my flatmate that was equally as beautiful. The cover photo of this post is on the same track but the other side. 

My favourite thing about going on walks is being away from the busyness that is the city. Yes, I am a city girl and often do embrace that buzz but all in all i’m also super into the quiet and natural sounds of our environment. It’s literally the best escape to go for a walk and when the weather is nice the view is well worth the time spent.

So if you have the time at any point do some research about your local tracks and do a walk! Tell me how it goes or what your favourite walks are. My Dad is quite an expert at some of the Wellington/North Island tracks but i’m really interested in any South Island tracks that are good? Feel free to also comment your favourite North Island tracks too though (:


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One Response to Appreciating Christchurch’s Walking Tracks

  1. bigtimekiwi says:

    The track is in Barnett Park!

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