The Best Places to Get Bubble Tea in New Zealand



As you may or may not know, I am OBSESSED with Bubble tea. I don’t even enjoy normal tea, it’s really just the tapioca pearls at the bottom of the tea which have caused me to fall so deeply for this drink.

So, lets just take a moment to go over why in fact this has become my biggest obsession over the past couple of years.

Firstly, the packaging of it (and I know as a passionate environmentalist i should know better with plastics) BUT I CAN’T HELP LOVE IT. The giant straws and see through plastic and the cartoons on the lid make this Taiwanese invention simply amazing.

Secondly, the fact it comes in about 15-40 flavours at most Bubble Tea places and they come in so many different ways, whether it be milk or no milk, ice or slushy the diversity is endless in taste and texture!

Thirdly and most importantly the Tapioca pearls my most favourite part. For those of you who don’t know these are like black girls of jelly. But in fact they are not jelly as they are vegan friendly. Weirdly enough Tapioca’s origin is in the North of Brazil and is actually extracted from cassava root. How strange is that right? If you’ve never tried this drink before you’re probably thinking how gross that sounds. But it doesn’t!!! It is so good, mixed with my favourite choices of drink

  • strawberry tea (with pearls)
  • passionfruit green tea (with pearls)

simply it is just so tasty and great.

Where to go to buy it? My top 3 places


  • Bubble Central inside the Courtney Place Food court is honestly the best I know of in wellington. I have not spent much time in that city recently so i’m not sure if it’s still open but it’s the best!!!


  • V&V Bubble Tea across from the Auckland Town Hall on Queen Street is my favourite place easily to get a bubble tea. Not only does it taste super good but it has cute drawn on cartoons on the cup! I make sure every time i’m in Auckland that I get a chance to go to that place simply cause it’s the best haha.


  • Ancestral on Riccarton Road. This place is a Chinese restaurant and Takeaway but don’t let that stop you from going in just for the Bubble Tea. It is incredible, the photo at the top and header is from my most recent visit where i brought A JUG of bubble tea. It only cost like $9 and although it was a way too big proportion it had to be done haha. They do also do takeaway and drink there bubble teas in a smaller cup but I definitely recommend to try the jug at least once.
  • Jels in Westfield Riccarton is a Bubble tea and Milkshake bar. It’s located conveniently so you can grab one whilst you shop but also conveniently placed so you can watch everyone in the Starbucks line wait 15 minutes whilst yours is brought and made in 5 haha. I love this place to pieces and it’s easily the place i’ve been too most since living in Christchurch for Bubble Tea.
  • Teasme Teas in South City Mall is a specialised tea shop. They basically make whatever tea you want (which for me is Bubble Tea). It has a super nice vibe to it and there are a few spots outside that you can sit at in drink your chosen tea. I am suddenly really excited though, because in researching the address I discovered there’s another one near me on Church Corner!!!

Note: I don’t know about other cities or towns whether they have them and what they’re called but if you know any that you love please comment below!

That is kind of all I have to say, but definitely try it if it is an unfamiliar to you, as it is truly a great sweet drink to treat yourself to!


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  1. Anjali says:

    Oh man. Bubble tea is life.
    Love V&V in Auckland 😀

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