Kayaking on the Avon River


9th January 2017

Antigua Boat shed is the place to go to in Christchurch for a fun hour of Kayaking upon the Avon. At only $12 an hour it is definitely something fun to do to celebrate a friends birthday or any occasion you want.  I’ve never done it before, but have walked past the location so often and after the initial hesitation was pretty stoked to be doing it.

I risked taking my phone in to take a few snaps and i’m so happy I did as it was such a fun memory and would love to go with more friends to do it. Despite my friend’s sister losing half an oar and getting myself completely soaked by using a dragon boating technique to kayak it was a super pleasant time. There’s something about being on water instead of in it that makes activities alike to kayaking so enjoyable for me. Sure there were a few times of almost falling in but in general it was a good time.


One of the greatest thrills of kayaking on the Avon is trying to get past others especially the bigger boats. As a group we weren’t exactly the smoothest in direction and we managed to crash into each other and strangers so often haha. Either way I recommend going and doing that whenever you’re nearby! It’s nearby the hospital and has a cute cafe as well you can head to after for a celebratory ice cream.



About writingforart

20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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