Teaching Yourself How To Say No To The Negative

It seems that 2017 has already hit me hard with the headspace of negativity. The future is scary and I know i’m not alone with this thought, but I have a heavy obsession with planning it. My learning to say no to the negative is a new found resolution which is obviously harder then any ‘go travelling’ goal for me. Teaching your mind to say no to the negative is a constant struggle which many of us face daily. It’s hard because you’re stuck in your own mind and often that in itself you can feel uncomfortable with. The best things I have done is to talk to a professional about problems i’m having within my own mind. Alongside this is to research and write lists to think rationally and also consider the fact that in most circumstances you have nothing to lose.

I’m only 20 and I have no children, a payable student loan and a year left of university to plan my future. I can move anywhere in the world I want, I can achieve things my teenage self would not have dreamed of. I was told the other day how your negative thoughts do not create a negative life. Events that occur to you happen no matter if you’re positive or negative. Now this is not endorsing negative thoughts, but knowing that a lot is uncontrollable and that bad things will happen. Just be realistic of your circumstances but not too realistic. Do something out of your comforts, do more alone, do more around strangers and embrace your surroundings.

It’s so easy to be stuck in your head and of course it is freaking hard to get outside some days because of this. But in entirety I guess in all cheesy films or books you have kind of just got to live the life you’d want to read. So when you reflect on 2017 you can think hey I was in control of all the controllable parts and I am proud of how far i’ve come.

I think since writing the first few sentences of this post about 3 days ago my mind set has turned to better. It’s hard not knowing whether tomorrow will be a good mood day or not. But knowing you’re capability is  more than your mind can allow you to think is a step forward to somewhere a little bit better.

I’m always happy to listen or talk if you want to if anyone would like to!


About writingforart

20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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