The People Pleasers Stress

As a human I feel I put other’s feelings pretty high up in priorities comparatively to my own. I like knowing that the people I surround myself are happy and that I can be the one who can help. But lately I feel I have become rather bad at this. My interpretative side has lost its own sense and I have felt the general drift of feeling. As if I am turning from being likeable to dislikable. This in fact could just be anxiety and trying to recover from past incidents which have hurt me but it is definitely a happening thing (at least in my mind it is).

Social Media is kind of a huge driver to me as to how I can help my friends and I feel I have somewhat gotten lost in the midst of it, not seeing as much from my friends anymore. It is hard because I count myself lucky in having a few people to look out for and they look out for me. But I am truly sorry if I have not been as good at helping you lately as I usually would.

I do not want to pass blame but I guess the holiday season is a hard one I feel like I have no order being away from university. I’ve been quite sick in and out of doctors and testing new foods for my diet and positivity has just been a up and down thermometer of life. My stress is not the worst I am functioning but I do worry and I want to send out a massive virtual hug to all my pals. I know you’re there and I am sorry I have not been better to you.


About writingforart

20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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