Feeling Festive Amongst the Lights


(Firstly, apologies for the low quality photos I used my super old Iphone 5 which is very obvious in the quality opps)

Every year it has been a tradition for most people in New Zealand to pack into a car and tour around your city to look at the best christmas light displays.Yesterday one of my favourite people (Maddy) and I got to do this. Not only did it bring our festive spirits two times forward but it was an awesome nostalgic buzz. Let me just say Christchurch has some extremely amazing ones and I cannot remember where they are but i’m sure a simple Google would show you!

I’ll attach a few photos so visually show the greatness that is Christmas lights. As a fellow environmentalist I cannot help but turn off my environment fuse to appreciate the beauty of the colour and show that these lights bring to our communities.


Honestly the best ones around are those (mostly retired people) who decorate the inside of their houses and have a gold coin donation to get in (usually goes to an epic charity). This house was incredible!!! I loved all the different cities and houses that lit up and some played tunes.


I don’t know how obvious it is but the santa that is turned to the side with the big eyes and has its booty popping out is actually a booty popping santa it literally twerked. Never have I felt so fulfilled by something so bizarre, but what a funny thing to create, buy and show the community. A true reflection of the bulk of our youth ahhaha.


Oh yes, and this was someones garage!!! Completely crazy but honestly so beautiful and amazing. What a collection and how precious is that train on the right of the child in the middle. I’ve been obsessed with trains since I was little and still freak out over little things like a moving train on a track.

Overall if you are not feeling festive, go look at the Christmas lights! Sure it is Christmas Eve and you’re probably going to have to wait till next year but remember it, as it is a truly great spectacle!


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20 // anthropology & media major. i love writing, usually poetry, songs and short personal tellings in the form of books. i enjoy event and travel photography. but particularly love telling stories and thoughts.
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