Tv shows I’ve loved in 2016

Hi folk,

Throughout the past year I have had plenty of time to relax and watch tv so here are some of my favourites for the year. Honestly i’m a huge fan of tv and have discovered so much greatness this year but mostly just carried out loving shows I found in the past few years. If you haven’t watched them I highly recommend giving them a try. I’m really into LGBT characters and storylines following interesting families and relationships so these kinda fit into that.

(this is in no order)


Please like Me 


(picture taken from Google Images) Started airing in 2013

This show run by probably one of my favourite bunch of Australians hits both comedic high standards and emotionally dramatic ones too. If anything I love LGBT cast and storylines I find them super neat and enjoy the representation in media. I honestly couldn’t write enough to give this justice so you should definitely check out a trailer or two or just an episode to get just as hooked as I am.

You’re the Worst


(picture taken from Google Images) Started airing in 2014.

Yes, it’s a love story but they’re both weird and sad people who are real about the world and life and it is mostly about showing the realities of relationships when facing mental illness and strange families. I love this show because it shows the reals of the world, it makes me laugh but most importantly makes me feel like all the wrongs that happen in my life aren’t the worst wrongs and everyone goes through weird and bad stuff. I recommend this show so highly, so so highly.



(picture taken by Google Images) Started airing 2016

This documentary series on Viceland is definitely one of the best series i have seen IN MY LIFE. The LGBT duo including familiar face Ellen Page stand as activists around the world interviewing both LGBT groups and anti individuals trying to figure out how LGBT Rights are still so distant in so many places around the world. Not only is this series extremely insightful about the realities of LGBT from Japan to Jamaica but it creates a hope amongst fear for many. The factual next to the documentary footage pulls together a strength that creates a greater depth of pride for the LGBT community. I honestly love this series and the  truth it brings into the world. To be honest i don’t think there is an episode I watched where I didn’t cry because LGBT are HUMAN and what they feel and are IS REAL. It’s not a choice or an act and the fact that people think that being gay is an illness is fricking horrible and shows you how stuck in the wrong of the past they are. I literally wrote an entire essay on this in media class this year and I could not speak higher enough of the show I love it to pieces.



(Picture taken from Google Images) Started airing in 2014

Okay, wow. I remember this is exactly how I felt whilst watching the first episode. This family is so special and unique and the transgender parent which makes it ‘Transparent’ is so incredible. Easily recommendable and I don’t wanna spoil anything in it as I usually do when i gush over my favourite tv shows. But this show is so important to our generation and to the LGBT community and the script writers are both genius in how they display many personal and interpersonal stages of transformation. I’m so proud of this show and the characters it represents diversity in religion and relationships and the family is just so easily loveable in who they are.

Lastly my realisation is the white washness of all these tv shows in their protagonists despite being inclusive of the LGBT community. I was just wondering what shows you watch that have a greater diversity of people?



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2 Responses to Tv shows I’ve loved in 2016

  1. If you like webseries, you should check out Inhuman Condition. It has a pretty racially diverse cast, and most of the characters are queer. It’s 100% a drama, though, and packs a lot of emotions and punch into its short episodes.

    Carmilla also gains a more diverse cast in its second and third seasons, and is chock full of awesome queer characters. 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much! I will definitely look into these (:


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